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MSI X340

MSI X340


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MSI X340


دسته:لپ تاپ - Laptop


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X340 Specifications

Processor & Cache

Intel® Core™2 Duo processor, with Intel® wireless technology

Operating System

 Genuine Windows Vista® Home Premium
(MSI recommends upgrade to Genuine Windows Vista® Business)


Intel® GS45 + ICH9M-SFF

System Memory

DDR2 667/800, Max:2 GB

LCD Display

13" TFT-LCD Display

Graphics & Video Module





2.5" 250GB/320GB/500GB SATA



Card Reader

2-in1 Card Reader (SD/SDHC/MMC)

Communication Port

Built-in Gigabit Ethernet LAN and Modem Module
Built-in 802.11b/g/n WLAN Card, Bluetooth is optional

I/O Port

D-Sub X 1
USB2.0 Port X 2
Mic-in Port X 1
Headphone Output X 1
HDMI Port X 1
LAN Port X 1

AC Adaptor


Battery Pack & Life

4/8 cells

Dimension & Weight

330(L) X 224(D) X 6.0~19.8(H)mm
~1.3KG (with 4 cells battery)


 Genuine Windows Vista® Home Premium 

 The Very Best Expression of Slim Aesthetic

- The Incomparable Ultra-Slim Experience

The concept for the bottom framing of the X340 originated from the lightness of the feather as well as its elegance and richness, further freeing our notebook from the traditional grimness.

The most unique features of the X340 has to be that it is only 6 mm at its thinnest, 20 mm at its widest, and the entire notebook is only weights 1.3 kilograms added with the battery! Making the X340 the world’s lightest and slimmest 13” notebook.

- Simplistic Curves Design Expressing Metropolitan Charm

MSI Notebook has set out to make another monumental landmark in the
industry with pure passion and the determination for fashion and quality, making its way toward the very finest in notebook computer designs with the X-Slim series.  

The X340 has ingeniously applied fashionable curves in its design which successfully abandoned the cold and lifeless vibe of the traditional notebook computers. The material is gentler to the touch compared the metal, and the paint finish is glazed and UV processed, added with the perfect ratio as a total package, creating the most simplistic yet modern styling, fitting for the most contemporary trend anywhere.

With all these unique features, it proves that the X340 is not only a fashionable and appealing notebook computer; it also set very high marks for the entire industry.

These great reasons are why the X340 should be highly recommended to all of the contemporary metropolitans anywhere.

 The First 13” Notebook Equipped with 16:9 Wide Screen

- The Perfect 13” LCD Display

The X340 has selected the 13” LCD display as oppose to the 12” or even smaller sizes. This provides much more comfort in reading and operation as well as less weight restraints compared to the 14” models. 

- 16:9 Theater Ratio

The 16:9 theater ratio can provide an additional 14% visual area. When watching movies, the black bars on the top and bottom of the 16:10 aspect ratio screen can also be avoided. This is perfect for playing HD videos at any possible angle, absolutely ideal for visual enjoyment.

- The Latest LED Power-Saving Backlight Technology

The X340 is embedded with the LED power-saving backlight technology in providing better color fullness and brightness, elevating the total quality of imagery. Furthermore, the lower usage of power can offer a longer operating time.

- MSI's Exclusive Vivid Image Enhancement Technology

The Vivid Technology can enhance the richness in colors from the source of the signal so the images displayed can provide more levels and details. This also gives a more three-dimensional expression during gaming, watching movies or viewing pictures, and even during the editing process.

 Advanced Power Saving Technology*

The X340 has selected the latest Lithium-polymer battery which offers incredible battery endurance. Furthermore, the X340 is also equipped with the exclusive ECO Engine power management system, so you can select freely from the five different modes suitable at your convenience. The five modes include office, gaming, movies, presentation, and turbo battery. Through varies conditions such as the brightness of the screen and standby timeframe, the power consumption can be much more flexible, providing more hours of operating time. This escalates the productivity of the X340 as well as convenience for our users. 
* Battery lifespan varies according to operation circumstances and settings.

 The Latest Intel® Centrino® Processor Technology

The X340 is embedded with the latest Intel® Core™ 2 Solo processor, the most advance technology and functions. It can offer you the best assistance atwork, and the most fun when you want to be entertained.

 Enjoy Your Personal Digital Entertainment

- HDMI Digital Terminal Interface

HDMI Digital Terminal Interface offers more than 5 GB of transmitting bandwidth; it also lessens the complications of cables. The X340 offers the very best in image quality through the HDMI Terminal so it may have the most realistic picture perfection.

- The Excitement of Instant Communication

The X340 is embedded with a high pixel webcam incorporated with the design of the notebook for a slick and technological appearance. The user may broadcast live during teleconferencing, capturing and recording every exciting moment. Great quality and richness in colors when taking photos both indoors and out adding even more excitement.

- Create a High-Quality, All-Around, Wireless Living Space

The X340 is also embedded with the IEEE WiMAX™ (Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access) wireless module, which highly elevated the variety of wireless internet service, allowing the online experience to be faster and more mobile. Regardless if you’re in the coffee, shops, school campuses, offices, or airports, you may access the world through WiMAX™, never missing the latest information.

Other than the WiMAX™ feature, the X340 also processes the 802.11b /g/n Wi-Fi®  wireless internet access, so you can have all the internet functions fulfilling a mobile lifestyle.

The X340 also provides Bluetooth capability which can be connected to cellular phones, earphones, PDA, and other gadgets, say goodbye to the fuss of lines and cables forever. 


Product Model / SKU: X340
Device Type: Mobile Station
Hardware Version: EP-V-HMC QS2 Volume
Software Version: 1.5.1 (OS: Windows)
View Certification Certificate: Micro-Star X340 Notebook
Certification Date: 7 Jul 2009
Certification Number: 04-0000000019
Profile Number: MT2500T-01 (2.496–2.69GHz, 5+10MHz, TDD)
CRSL: CRSL 5.10.0
WCB: Marble Chang - Bureau Veritas ADT
Tested at WFDCL: Bureau Veritas ADT

- The Most Complete Expanded Interface!

The X340 has provided a complete entertainment interface which includes a 2 in 1 card reader (supports SD/MMC), varies mainstream memory sticks, making it easy inputting data into the notebook computer. Also applicable to many digital products such as digital video and photo cameras, MP3 Players and others, which can all be connected to the X340 through USB 2.0 port. External DVD Burner is also available (optional) so you can play DVD movies or burn important documents.


External Blu-ray DVD Drive(optional)
External DVD SuperMulti Drive(optional)

Intel, the Intel logo, Centrino and the Centrino logo, Intel Core and Core Inside, are trademarks or registered trademarks of Intel Corporation or its subsidiaries in the United States and other countries. 

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